how many times have you said something and you don't ever know if u mean it?
how many laughs have u shared because its so much easier to act than figure out what u feel?
*just put everything behind and smile :)*

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a phase

To see someone you used to love
loving someone you care...

how is it should i react?
how am i suppose to say?
should i congrutulate both of you
and pray for your happiness?

in many people you choose her
in many people thats what Allah destine you...

should i be angry for that?
do i have a right to be angry?

i should accept it right? that whats i should do right?

but to be your friend and to act normal will hurt 
me so much...

so please understand me for once
dont bother to tell me anything
dont bother to connect with me in any way...

just for the moment i'm begging you...
just for this time because it hurt me so bad
when you act like nothing ever happened between us.

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