how many times have you said something and you don't ever know if u mean it?
how many laughs have u shared because its so much easier to act than figure out what u feel?
*just put everything behind and smile :)*

Monday, September 17, 2012


once again... when its come about death thing that all of us know that one day every and each of us will have to face it. but how ready we are to face death? losing people we loved. do we ever will ready for that? After all love is when you watch someone died is it? may Allah ease the pain in our heart. Dari Allah kita datang dan kepada Allah jua kita kembali. sesungguhnya Syurga adalah kampung halaman kita moga Allah kembalikan kita pada kampung yang kita semua rindu. ~Al fatihah untuk umat islam yang telah meninggalkan kita, moga Allah menempatkan mereka di syurga abadi~

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