how many times have you said something and you don't ever know if u mean it?
how many laughs have u shared because its so much easier to act than figure out what u feel?
*just put everything behind and smile :)*

Sunday, September 16, 2012

another random rambling

'kerana kita adalah pelakon di pentas dunia,senyum menutup duka... menangis di setiap tawa.' define hipocrite? terpulang kepada setiap individu itu sendiri. its not about what we see but how we see it!! its all about perspective. sometime we should be more flexible... you know like try to see thing from various angle from others perspective before start to judge. yet we are just a human being do us have a right to judge? we aint perfect either stop judging. Lets the almighty one do His work. afterall hate the sin not the sinner :-) we can make the world more beauty if we live accepting each others flaw. stop judging yet live truthfully. Our live not that complicated if we make it more simpler :-)

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